Trace designs onto watercolor paper using the Light Table
It's fun and fast to trace your designs onto watercolor paper.  Using the Light Table
makes it
easy to see through 140 lb. paper.  Below you will see the original
snapshot and the process I used to paint the dog.  

1. Place your enlarged photo on the Light Table, tape  so it doesn't move during the

2.  Place your watercolor paper over the photo and trace the outside shapes and
details.  I traced the outside shape of the dog then I traced around his eyes and
nose.  What is so great about seeing the photo with the light below is that you can
see where to paint the lights and darks.  I lightly drew in around each light and dark
shape and added an L for light, M for medium and D for dark shades.  After you get
your paints mixed in your light, medium and dark shades it's easy to see where to
paint them.  It's almost like painting  by the numbers.  You will be surprised how
quickly your painting is finished and ready to frame.
Photo of Chico
Traced line drawing
I painted in the background and
let it dry before I painted the dog
This is the finished picture (collage).  After I finished painting the picture I wasn't
happy with the background so I cut out "Chico" and glued him into a collage.  I
liked him so much I put his picture on my desktop.  I am just learning to
watercolor and can't wait to paint another and another.  Get out your paints
and give it a try.  I have been watching painting lessons on the PBS station.
12" x 16"
22" x 22"
For Larger
I erased each letter just before I
painted the area
Tiger is our wonderful cat