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bunny pattern.  It prints out on 3
pages.  Trim and tape the pages
Print out in landscape
This little Bunnie pillow is 8 1/2" X 32". I traced the bunnies and
flowers onto muslin using the light table.  Be sure and read the
instructions for crayon art and fabric painting before you begin.
I colored this in with regular crayons and watercolor crayons.  
To embellish it, I added small rhinestones and fabric glitter.  I
painted the bunnies using an acrylic interference violet which
gives the bunnies the shimmery look of abalone shells.  This is
the first time that I experimented with the acrylic interference.  I
am now going to purchase the gold interference.  The violet is
really pretty.  It can be used on paper or fabric.  It gives the
fabric a stiffer feel which is perfect for holiday items that won't
need to be washed as frequently.  I machine embroidered the
bunnies with pink metallic thread.  I also added little bits of
Angelina fibers for added interest.
I used a Dover copyright free design.
The Original Light Table
           12" X 16"
Useful for tracing designs onto fabric