This quilted wall hanging was a joy to make and give
to my granddaughter, Amanda.  I took a digital picture
of Amanda playing her Saxophone then brought it
into Corel Draw and posterized it.  I set my page
layout to  30" X  48" and resized the picture to fit the
page.  I checked the "tile page" box and printed out
the pages.  After taping the pages together I placed
the design on the light table and traced it onto my
fabric.  This was colored in with crayons.   It didn't
take long to color it in.  Most of the time was spent on
machine quilting.   Most printers have tiling
capabilities.  You can enlarge your page to any size
you want and then print out the tiled pages and tape
them together.   When I discovered my printer could
do this, I tiled everything in sight.  It was so much
fun.  I still want to tile a design big enough to fit the
wall behind my king size bed.  What a fun head board
that will be.