The  blocks below were made by Betty Barnes.  She used crayons to bring
these flowers to life.  All shapes are hand embroidered with matching
floss.  Black embroidery floss can also add a dramatic effect.  Embroidery
helps define the shapes and makes the finished project so much prettier.  
Betty used a Dover copyright free design for these blocks.  She enlarged
the designs and then traced them onto fabric  using the Me Sew light
table.  It is easy to enlarge these to 22" x 22" or larger if you have a
software program that lets you do a page layout and also have a printer
that tiles the pages, which most printers have.
Betty and I took her crayon art squares to the quilt store to audition the
sashing.  The fabrics are so beautiful to choose from.  
Keep scrowling down the page to
see new additions.
My latest visit to Betty's.  I always find new things to photograph.  These were
taken in February 2009.  I love the butterfly quilt draped over her chair.  The
butterflies have lots of hand embroidery work for lots of detail.
You can also use Derwent Inktense pencils or fabric paint for a similar look