This little design was a combination of crayon art and fabric appliqué.  The hearts are the
only part that is fabric.  The little dots were created using a rubbing mat under the fabric.  
Once I colored the design I placed the rubbing mat underneath and used a darker color to
make the rubbing dots.  Craft stores have many rubbing designs to purchase.  There are
several cute designs in the clay section.  They use the texture mats to texture the clay, but
they work great for rubbings.  I traced this design from a magazine and can't find it to give
the artist credit.  If anyone knows what magazine this design came from please let me
know.  I embroidered around each design with one strand of black embroidery thread.  The
hearts have a button whole stitch using one strand of embroidery thread.  Inside each
flower I machine embroidered with pink metallic thread to add a little sparkle.