The Original Combo
12" x 16"
Price $34.95
The Acrylic top is
includes 12 clamps to secure
your project in place
As a stretcher frame useful for:  Hand quilting your quilt.  The 12 clamps that
come with the frame hold the quilt securely to the frame.   By adding strips of
fabric along the edge it's easy to quilt all the way to the edge.  It's also easy to
The Combo is a Light Table and a Stretcher Frame in one.  
Remove the top and it becomes a frame.  It comes with 12
As a Light Table useful for:  Tracing embroidery, redwork, whole cloth
quilts, fabric painting, bobbin drawing, fabric crayon art, marking quilt
tops and appliqué.
The light is sold separately.  The LED under cabinet light fixture that we recommend  is Hyper
TOUGH sold at Walmart.  18" cost $8.87  It is a very bright light and will light up your table