Basting Clamps
14 in a package
Price $ 6.75
1.  Clamp the backing to the table wrong side up.
2.  Smooth the batting over the backing.
3.  Smooth the quilt top over these layers to make
the quilt sandwich.   The clamps are keeping
smooth and wrinkle free.
4.  Begin basting the quilt using quilter's safety
pins or needle and thread.   Water soluble  thread
is a real time saver.

You can also use a 5/8" or 3/4" piece of plywood
instead of the table shown above
The Basting Clamps can also be used for wall hangings and miniature
quilts.  Use a piece of wood 5/8" to 3/4" thick and cut  2 or 3 inches larger
than your wall hanging.  Use the same directions  as for a larger quilt.  If
you make a lot of wall hangings or miniature quilts and make them a similar
size then you will be able to use the same board for basting over and over
again.   You will be able to baste them easily using the basting clamps.  
They will hold the backing smooth and wrinkle free.
The Basting Clamps are also
helpful if you are cutting slippery
fabric.  I like to put a couple of the
clamps on the right side of the
table to secure the fabric before
If you like to braid strips of fabric
the Basting Clamps will hold the
ends of the strips to make
braiding easier.  I usually sew the
three strips together with a wide
zig zag stitch and then secure it
with the Clamps.
The table top should be 5/8" to 3/4" thick
The BEST tip of all is go to www.craftsy.com and take Cindy
Needham's class.  It includes the most wonderful, perfect, well
thought out way to baste a quilt.  We developed the Basting
Clamps, but must admit I learned A LOT from her class.  So a big
thank you to Cindy Needham for figuring out the best way to
baste a quilt using the clamps !!!
A table similar to the one pictured above can be purchased at Walmart.  Order
online and it will be shipped to your local store for pick up.  The color of the top
is brown and is 5/8" thick.  Only order the table with the brown top as the lighter
top is too thick.