Bobbin Drawing
Bobbin drawing is a fun way to create texture and color to
your fabric.  If your thread is too thick to go through the eye
of your needle it will be perfect for bobbin drawing.  Wind the
thick thread in your bobbin.  I purchased another bobbin case
just for bobbin drawing.  The bobbin tension is always set for
the thicker threads.  This saves time in adjusting tensions.  
The bobbin case I purchased for my sewing machine is
called a "Black Latch" because the latch is painted black so
that I can tell it from the regular one.

Trace your pattern to the WRONG side of your fabric.  The
thicker bobbin thread will show on the front side of your
fabric.  Its fun to create unusual textures.  I love to turn the
fabric over to see what I've created.  Put your fabric in a
machine embroidery hoop and bring the bobbin thread to the
top. You can use a straight stitch or zig zag.  You can use
some of the fancy stitches also, but I haven't tried those yet.  
I used a different technique for the two samples below.  The
tree was traced on the WRONG side of the fabric then I
proceeded to do the bobbin drawing.  The tropical sun was
done by first applying the appliqué with fusible web and then
placing it on the light table.  With the light table I could see
through the fabric where the appliqués were ironed on, then I
simply traced around the appliqués on the WRONG side of
the fabric.  Both of these were put into a hoop before I
started stitching.  Some of the websites recommend by
passing the tension spring in the bobbin, but with the special
black latch bobbin I threaded the bobbin normally and it
stitched beautifully.  Always practice on a scrap piece of
fabric before you stitch on your project.  I plan on
experimenting a lot more in the future with this technique.

Please check out the many websites on the subject of
bobbin drawing.  Each one has several special tips for
mastering this wonderful technique.
I used a thick pink metallic thread
to zig zag around the rays of the
sun.  For the clouds I used a Thick
Silver Metallic thread.  The sun
reflecting on the water is a
turquoise metallic thread.  I wish
the picture showed more detail.  It
really is pretty.
The Light Table makes tracing your
design onto fabric easy