The Original Light Table
12" x 16"
Price $29.95
Trace it...Paint it...Applique it...Embroider it...Embellish it...Enjoy it
The Original Light Table has a large flat surface to help you trace your designs
for appliqué, redwork embroidery, tracing Sashiko designs onto fabric, bobbin
drawing, fabric painting, crayon art, clip art, marking quilt tops,  art design,
scrapbooking and is also useful for tattoo artists.  
Watercolor artists will be able
to trace their designs onto the paper much easier by using the light table (even
on 140 lb. paper!)  
What ever you want to trace the large lighted area of the light
table will make your job easier.
The Light Table is also useful for 2D
.  You can layer multiple
sheets of paper on top of each other to
see your sequences of frames.
Flush mounted for a large smooth work surface.
your design, such as a leaf, on the
Light Table.  Place your fabric
side up
finding the perfect spot on the
fabric for the leaf.  You will be able to
see the leaf  pattern  underneath the
fabric.  This method works great for
birds and flowers.  Using a pencil
trace your design onto the fabric.  
The light is sold separately.  The LED under cabinet light fixture that we recommend  is Hyper
TOUGH sold at Walmart.  18" cost $8.87  It is a very bright light and will light up your table