The Baltimore Light Table
22" x 22"
Price $55.00
The Baltimore Light Table has a LARGE FLAT SURFACE and includes 4 clamps to hold your project
securely in place.  The large lighted work surface allows you to trace your design without constant
repositioning.  It raises your work surface to a comfortable height.  It is easy to store and weights only 6
pounds.  The Baltimore is perfect for tracing large patterns for quilting, tracing Sashiko designs onto
fabric, embroidery, fabric painting and whole cloth quilts.  You can easily transfer dart lines accurately
onto fabric.  A customer recently told me that it is also helpful in making banners and flag applique.

You can enlarge any of your pictures by using the tiling capabilities of your
printer and then tape the pages together.  You will need to set up your page
layout to the larger size and stretch your design to fit the page.  Once that is
finished the design is ready to print.  Be sure to select "tile pages" in your
printer options.  The picture below was tiled and taped together.  Tape the
design to the light table before placing your fabric over the pattern. Use the
basting clamps to secure the fabric to the table.  Trace your design for
appliqué or fabric painting.  If you don't have software that allows you to do
a page set up then you can always take your design to be enlarged to a
copy center.  Most printers have tiling capabilities which make it possible to
print out a page in any size you choose to make it.
When you are not using the table for tracing it will also be very useful to raise up your work area
Flush mounted for a smooth large work surface.
Sashiko is so popular today and this Light Table gives you a
generous 22" X 22" to trace your design onto fabric.
The light table comes with 4 clamps.  You can
purchase additional clamps that fit the
Baltimore Light Table on the shopping cart
The light is sold separately.  The LED under cabinet light fixture that we recommend  is Hyper
TOUGH sold at Walmart.  18" cost $8.87....the 24" cost is $9.97  It is a very bright light and will
light up your table beautifully.