Left click on picture for free project pattern.  This
pattern prints out on 6 pages.
This little quilt is a crayon art project.  
Follow the directions for crayon art.  The
little sign has several spicy and fragrant
items for sale; such as Pumpkin seeds,
Pumpkin jam, Pumpkin pie and Sun
Flower lotion.  The pattern for the leaves
is not included.  Find a leaf pattern that
you like and trace it  anywhere you would
like a leaf.  The clouds were stenciled in
and embroidered with silver metallic
thread.  In each corner I cut two circles
and did a blanket stitch all around to
make them look like pennies in a penny
rug.  This is a  quick project to complete
for Fall.   21" X  21" not including the
The Baltimore Light Table 22" X 22"
Useful for tracing large designs onto