Me Sew Light Tables and Basting Clamps, tracing light table

The Me Sew light tables are used for tracing applique, embroidery, quilt designs and for anything your imagination thinks of. Made in USA

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Me Sew Light Table for tracing embroidery, whole cloth quilts, sashiko, fabric painting,crayon art

  • All Me Sew light tables are light in weight, made of the highest quality materials and are inexpensively priced.They also include four clamps to hold your project in place.  The light table also elevates your work surface.  Our light tables make tracing your patterns so easy whether you are an artist, use commercial patterns or use the wide variety of copyright free artwork.  The lights are sold separately at Walmart. lightbox tracing light box tracing light table

Light Table useful for tracing desings onto fabric or paper. Embroidery, quilting, fabric painting

Me Sew Light Tables come in two sizes...12" x 16" and 22" x 22"

  • The Original Light Table  and the Baltimore Light Table both include 4 clamps for holding your project in place.  They elevate your work surface which makes it more comfortable to trace your projects.   Price $29.95 for the Original and $55.00 for the Baltimore. The lights are sold separately and can be found at Walmart lightbox tracing light box tracing light table


5/8" Basting Clamps 14 per package $10.00 with FREE SHIPPING for 5/8" Basting Clamps product only. These clamps ONLY fit a table that is 5/8" or 3/4" thick.

  • The Basting Clamps help keep the backing of the quilt sandwich smooth and wrinkle free.  They attach to a table that is 5/8" to 3/4" thick or a piece of 5/8" plywood.  
  • Cindy Needham has great instruction about how to baste a quilt in her class on bluprint.  Name of class is Design it, Quilt it: Free-Form Techniques.  Please pay attention to the size table these clamps will fit...

How to paint on fabric using Derwent Inktense Pencils

How to trace your design onto fabric using the Original Me Sew Light Table.  Derwent Inktense Pencils are a lot of fun to paint on fabric.  Since I made this video we are using a new LED light that we use instead of the one in the video.

Quilt Roadies Bee Hive news

Check out this great video.  Anna Bates using our light table to demonstrate her embroidery prep.  Her husband, G, plays the music for all of the videos.  When I first found her on You Tube I binge watched all of her shows, lol  They take us along with them on lots of their travels and we get to peek inside the quilt shops along the way.  Love her!!

Anna Bates on Quilt Roadies doing a Sashiko Demonstration

Another great video with Anna Bates on the Quilt Roadies showing us how to prep for Sashiko.  She gives so much of her time helping all of us learn new techniques.  So grateful!!

Sashiko Demo by Anna Bates from the Quilt Roadies

Check out this great video.  Anna Bates from the You Tube channel "Quilt Roadies" is doing a demonstration about Sashiko using the Me Sew light table.

Quilt Roadies Beehive update

Check out this great video.  We are so fortunate that Anna Bates loves our light tables.  I love all of her videos, she is so full of good information, plus she is always cheerful!!

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